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Frequently Asked Questions

*Unlike a lot of our competitors, LRG Rentals charges no hidden fees, maintenance fees or "ancillary fees" of any type.  The price listed is the total monthly rent payment.


Do you allow pets?

We allow indoor cats in all of our properties, but do not allow dogs or any illegal animals.​  There is a limit of 2 cats per unit.  There is an additional rent charge of $25/month per cat.  There is also an additional pet deposit required, which is refundable at the end of your lease.


What about maintenance?


We have a fully trained, highly experienced in-house staff at LRG.   We pride ourselves in being prompt, professional and courteous when dealing with any maintenance issues you may have.  30 years experience has taught us it's better business to take care of our clients needs as soon as possible.  Also, there are no maintenance fees.


Credit checks?  Background checks?

Absolutely.  Any one that applies for a new home with LRG undergoes a thorough and comprehensive background check and credit check.  The safety of our clients and our properties is very serious to us.  The fee to process the application/credit check is $50.00, non-refundable.  ​


Does LRG Rentals accept Section 8 or HUD?

We do not accept Section 8 or HUD at any of our locations.


What is the length of your leases?

Our standard lease agreement is 1 year.  At the time of renewal, additional options may be available for certain circumstances.


I have found a location I'm interested in.  What's the next step?

The first step would be to call us at 724-523-3131 to schedule a showing*.  From there, you would fill out a basic application, and at that point we would process your application and do a background check and credit check.


I am not planning on moving for a month or two, but I am interested in seeing one of your places.  Do you have models to show me?

At LRG Rentals we do not have model apartments for showing purposes.  We show you the exact apartment or townhome that you will be renting.  If you are not planning on moving for a month or more, we encourage you to call us.  We'll talk about what you're looking for and put you on our call list.  When your move date gets closer, we will call you with information about what we have available that will work for you.


I have other questions not covered here, what now?

Our property manager will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.  Feel free to call us at 724-523-3131

*When requesting a showing, please make sure you're target move date is no longer than 2 weeks away. If it is, we will be happy to speak with you and match you up with a location that will be available closer to your projected move date and set-up a showing for that time.  As always - we are here to make the moving process easier for you and to help you find the exactly right place, at exactly the right time.

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