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North Huntingdon Locations

North Huntingdon is a growing suburban community and an excellent location to live and work with a high quality of life.  Easy commuting distance to Pittsburgh and close proximity to the PA Turnpike makes travel a breeze.  Close to shopping district on Rt. 30 and many restaurants make this an ideal location.

Jacktown Terrace Townhomes


Located two blocks from Rt. 30, Jacktown Terrace Townhomes is a quiet community close to it all.  Minutes from Irwin's downtown shopping district and the turnpike.  Norwin school district as well as close to many private schools.​



 - 2 Bedroom Townhomes w/ Garages               1400sq.ft           $1100 - $1300+

 - 2 Bedroom Patio Townhomes                          1200sq.ft           $1100-$1250+

- 3 Bedroom Townhomes w/ Garages               1600sq.ft          $1200-$1350+


Penglyn Townhomes and Apartments


Located two blocks from downtown Irwin and Rt. 30.  Penglyn boasts one of the most beautiful grounds of any townhome community in this area.  Lush trees, decorative landscaping and large front yards make this a perfect getaway, while remaining close to where you need to be. Norwin school district as well as close to many private schools.​


     - 2 Bedroom Townhomes w/ Garages              1200sq.ft           $1150 -$1300+

     - 2 Bedroom Patio Townhomes                         1200sq.ft           $975-$1100+

     - 2 Bedroom Apartments w/ Balconies             766sq.ft            $925 -$1000+


Clay Pike Townhomes


Quality interiors.  Loaded with features like ceramic floors, large dining areas with islands, remodeled bathrooms, remodeled kitchens and more.  Lots of parking and near to Rt. 30, the Turnpike, and major shopping districts.  Norwin school district as well as close to many private schools.​



      - 2 Bedroom Townhomes w/ Garages              1100sq.ft           $950 -$1100+


A little more about the North Huntington/Irwin area...

Schools - private and public

The municipalities of North Huntington, Irwin Borough, and North Irwin are all served by the Norwin School district.  The school has recently been on the forefront of investing in a new type of education, combining industry professionals, teachers and students in a new educational model.  Norwin has made plans for a new building and program - the STEM Innovation Center, a green building promoting student development through working on real-life challenges.


Along with Norwin Schools, the community is also served by The Queen of Angels Catholic schools along with 6 other private schools.

Transportation and Travel

Easy commuting distance to Pittsburgh - being less than 20 miles from the city.   The Pennsylvania Turnpike runs through the east edge of the Township and there is an exit (67) for North Huntington and Irwin exclusively.  A major road populated with many stores and commercial buildings, Route 30, runs through the heart of the area. The Laurel Mountains, Fallingwater, and other tourist/vacation spots are less than an hour drive away.  


Shopping and Entertainment

North Huntington is one of Westmoreland County's most attractive areas for shooping and entertainment.  The majority of shopping plazas and malls are located along a corridor which stretches for miles from Forrest Hills in the west, to Greensburg and Latrobe to the east.  A 10 minute drive from Greensburg's downtown and Westmoreland Mall, North Huntington also has a large plazas containing a Giant Eagle, Panera Bread, Target, Movie theatres, and more.

Local History

Named for England’s Earl of Huntingdon, the township found it's beginnings on April 6, 1772 in Pennsylvania. German and Scott-Irish immigrants were the main settlers of the area, with the Germans congregating mostly in the east and the Scottish/Irish settling mostly in the west.  The German settlement at the time taught it's children exclusively the German language.

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